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Inshield™: for protection against borers (Lyctus) attack with little or no colour change to the timber, T&G flooring is treated with the organic insecticide, Inshield™. Inshield™ conforms with the Australian Standard 1604 to Hazard Class Level H2.

The product is based on the active ingredient permethrin and will penetrate all sapwood of most Australian hardwoods and softwoods. ACQ Preservative: Timbers are treated with ACQ Preservative to provide long-term protection against termites, rot and decay.

The ACQ Preservative is free of arsenic or chromium and can be used in environmentally sensitive settings. ACQ treated timbers are treated to H3 level. Stainless steel or good quality hot dipped galvanised fasteners and fittings are recommended for use on ACQ treated timbers.

Direct contact with aluminium fasteners on ACQ treated timbers is not recommended. ACQ treated timber can be easily stained or painted or left as treated to weather to a warm brown or, depending on the species, a driftwood grey colour. 

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