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We are a proud, well established team supplying Queensland hardwood timber to South-West Victorians. Timbers sourced from Queensland comply with Timber Queensland's Policy Statement on Native Forest Management and Certification under the jurisdiction of the Queensland Government's Department of Primary Industry. 

Timbers are managed in accordance with ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System, a forestry management framework developed to:

  • Optimise and maintain long term productivity

  • Minimise on and off-site adverse impacts

  • Improve environmental operations through the adoption of commercial best practice


The forest management system:

  • Is certified by an independent certification organisation Det Norske Veritas

  • Complies with the international environmental management standard AS/NZS ISO 14001.


The South East Queensland Forests Agreement (SEQFA) is a unique agreement that was signed in 1999 between the conservation movement, the timber industry and the State Government. 

The SEQFA agreement delivers a triple bottom line for ecological, economic and social sustainability. The agreement includes:

  • Immediate protection of over 400,000 ha of forest.

  • No logging of old growth or wilderness, no clear-felling.

  • Once only logging in areas outside of the reserves, with no further logging of native forest on State Forests beyond 2024.

  • Reservation of all State Forests in the region after 2024.

  • Twenty-five year guaranteed resource supply to remaining mills.

  • Over a 25 year period, the transition for the hardwood timber industry from state native forests to a plantation resource.

  • Protecting and enhancing jobs in regional Queensland enhancing local communities.

Source: Timber Queensland Forest Certification Policy Statement

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